Online Data Backup – A Must Have Service

A common problem encountered by persons and companies alike with these data and information however is its loss.  In order to prevent you from experiencing these terrible hardships, having an Online Data Backup of your data and information is the solution.

Data loss can happen to anyone and everyone.  There are no exceptions.  Hard drives that cost thousands of dollars may fail or get corrupted in an instant.  Once this happens, you can kiss all the data and information stored in this hard drive good bye.  Data backup in CDs and DVDs are indeed useful, but a mere scratch on the CD or DVD’s surface may render the disc unreadable, and the data and information stored in it lost forever.  These CDs or DVDs can get wet by moisture, or get spilled with soda making it unusable and unreliable yet again.

The key to solving data loss is now on your fingertips.  Having an online backup of your data and information is the secret in order to conquer the fear of losing valuable data and information that companies rely on tremendously.  And the best thing about these online backup services is that it is very easy to use.  The online file-hosting server has easy to follow steps and procedures that will guide new users and experienced users alike on how to backup their data safely.

Online Data Backup also boasts of its flexibility as it can be done either manually or automatically like any normal data backups offline.  Manual online data backup is when you personally select the files that you will be uploading to the file-hosting server.  You choose what you want to backup then upload it thru an active Internet connection to the file hosting website.  Automatic online data backup on the other hand, is when you set a fixed data and time of when your files will be automatically backed-up to the online file hosting server.  You need not be present when the backup occurs, all that is needed is that your computer is turned on and it has an active Internet connection.  The file-hosting server will take care of the rest.

Having Online Data Backup is also advantageous during natural calamities and disasters.  On 2005, when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, most companies there lost tremendous amounts of data.  Data centers that were located in New Orleans were wrecked, leaving not even a single trace of data and information.  Businesses that relied on these data and information had absolutely no data and information left.  All in all, these unlucky businesses had to close down.  The only businesses that manage to survive were those businesses that had online backup since the file-hosting server is far away from New Orleans.

To sum it up, Online Data Backup is a great alternative to traditional data backup.  It is flexible as it can be done either manually or automatically.  The backup stored in the file-hosting servers is safe from natural calamities and disasters because of being distant in the geographic area from your company.  And the most important of all, these online backup is easy to use and can be done within minutes.

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