HIPAA compliant Automatic Files Backup and Secure Offsite Data Files Storage

Puerto Rico Data Storage an HIPAA Advantage with compliant Automatic Files Backup and Secure Offsite Data Files Storage

People often use a manual files backup system for personal files and this may have sufficed in the past. It is actually still a common practice. Personal digital files are copied into a CD and filed off in a CD case or perhaps a CD album.

There are many drawbacks to this type of manual files backups. For one, the manual process is labor intensive. You have to do it after you edit or update each file. If you are working on a lot of files and you update all of them every day, the back up process will be quite tedious. Another possible stumbling block is memory. What if you forget to do your manual files backup and the crash happens just then or the virus attacks right then?

Even for people who never forget to do manual files backup, the manual process is still not completely foolproof. For one, your computer and your backup CDs and printouts are usually housed in the same place. In the event of fire, flood or an earthquake, they can all be wiped out in the same instant. Your laptop or mini notebook, on the other hand, could be stolen or damaged. If these things happen to your valuable business files, your company’s survival is put at risk.

A business cannot afford to leave its company’s important digital files vulnerable to loss or damage. Manual files backup is just not good enough for business files. A company needs the complete protection of automatic backup software that is installed in personal computers, laptops, company work stations and company servers. Each user specifies which files will be covered by the regular automatic backup and sets the automatic backup frequency and schedule. It is recommended that automatic backup be scheduled daily right after the normal working hours. This will ensure that all data inputs for the day are backed up.

When the automatic backup software does the automatic backup, where are the backup files stored? Automatic backup software comes bundled with secure offsite data files storage. During each automatic backup process, your backup files are sent online through a secure 256-bit encryption file transfer to a secure remote data center. The entire file transfer and the conditions in the remote data center are all HIPAA compliant, meaning they comply with the highest security and privacy standards. The secure remote data center has been designed to withstand all natural and manmade disasters. It has continuous power from heavy duty generators and is protected by twenty four hour security personnel and biometric locks.

Your company’s stored automatic backup files are accessible to you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, from any area with an internet connection. All you need is your secure password. Once your company exceeds the storage limit of your package, you can always upgrade for expansion. This keeps your options open as your business grows.

The advantages of HIPAA compliant automatic files backup and secure offsite data files storage are too important for your business to ignore.

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