Do You Have A Data Backup And Recovery Plan In Place?

Data backup is rarely a part of the plans say a home computer user or business IT administrator, all of us, it will never happen to me or my company, but in reality we are just mentally preparing for the time we lose our data. like trying to quit smoking, we all know we should do it, but will find all
Excuse not to. To be honest with yourself and ask yourself the question, you have a backup plan for your data, or more importantly, you have a> Re-establish your business plan should something go wrong, protect? All operators and owners now say that past computer as a useful part of our lives, but now they are an absolute necessity. We confirm the data that is on our computer infrastructure is the most important asset of an organization. I ask again, what would happen if you lost your data and what you do to protect them?

The reasons for data lossare endless, human intervention would be a hardware failure, software failure, natural disasters, loss, theft, we can go, but we can be sure of one thing that over time the list is getting longer and longer.

Ever had anything stolen or lost before something? I have found in the IT industry for about 25 years, and as you can imagine, I have some bizarre stories about how computers and servers were stolen one. Laptops stolen from rear of car (data lost), he forgot a colleagueLeft his laptop on the roof of his car, problem is, he realized if he was 160 miles by road (data loss). My friend’s office twice in two nights, the first time resulted in a loss of desktop computers and totally devastated alarm system (some data loss), and the second night was broken to take the servers along with the backup device and media! Apparently the heavy stuff was stolen during the second night when the thief had more time there, the alarm is not repaired quicklyenough (total data loss and their activities within 8 months). You can save money to plan, to avoid data loss in the first place by implementing a data backup.

Hardware failure

If you managed to lose it, never have stolen your laptop or your entire IT infrastructure, then well done, now we want to prepare ourselves for hardware errors. There are essentially only three mechanical parts inside a laptop computer or server, 1) hard drive, 2) backup drive 3) CDor DVD. Hard not to do and if it does not happen, but it will. Do not get me wrong, if you take the failed drive to be an expert, they probably get most of your data back (phew) but expect to pay more than £ 5,000 for the pleasure (not phew) to. You can save money to plan, to avoid data loss in the first place by implementing a data backup.

Fire or disasters (natural or not).

I live in the UK, it is a beautiful place, because we do not have problems with forestFires, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc., and so it will never be a major natural disaster, the extermination of the majority of a city. This is what I blasted until Bunsfield oil refinery, the air and flattened everything within a 3-mile radius expected. There are a million and one reasons and scenarios, I can illustrate to you why you should backup your business data. We all know the practices of data backup is nothing more than common sense. Mission critical or sensitiveData that you do not want or can not afford to lose, should be ensured. PROTECT YOUR DATA!

If you really think that you lose do not need to backup your data, because you will never be there, please stop reading this article and have to go now and a little less boring.

Let’s talk about the different ways to backup your data and other backup services. If you are one of the following on board you will be able to the solution that best fits you or you find yourCompany.

Backup to CD solution.

To make your data to CD-file backup is easy to do that consume time to it every night, and you must be disciplined, to order up to one hour to one side to the job every night. To backup data to a CD drive is not an automatic process, and we all know busy people. Once you backed up your data on CD, please always check whether the data is actually on the CD and then take home with them. There are noPoint they leave are stolen or destroyed by fire, together with your hardware.

Please do not us a CD for archiving data (documents safe) for a long time, as I did not expect this type of media also continues to be stable for more than 2 years. Backup to CD has many limitations, but it is certainly better than no backup of your data at all.

RAID – not just protect your backup server disks.

All servers should be every opportunity to stay alive;Running a RAID configuration will help to prevent data loss from hard drive failure. If you have 3 drives in a RAID 5 configuration will have your server when a drive fails tolerated. RAID does not protect you against fire, flood, theft or
another disaster coming our way, but provide business continuity. This solution is usually not protect you from theft as an additional hard drives for RAID storage are usually installed on your computeror in other facilities on site. There is usually no protection from fire either so this method has its

Secure offsite data backup and recovery via a third party organization. Offsite backup over the Internet or saving methods is usually associated with larger enterprises enterprises. In the past, the high cost of high-speed connectivity has been prohibitive for smaller companies.

This type of backup is to be completed now acceptedand gaining momentum around the globe. The main reason for this is grown, as the price for high-speed Internet connections is greatly reduced, virtually every business and every home is connected to the Internet through a minimum 2MB line as a result it is now possible to produce large quantities of backup data to a secure server offsite
Data center.

For me, the best element of an offsite backup solution is not the high encryption security in place, the price or the purposereplicated infrastructure development, where the data is stored, but it is the fact that an offsite backup solution is a completely automated process. Set and forget as soon as you set the software backup your data at a certain time each day, you can just forget it and let her work to protect your data preserved.

When I checked your backup process, I would implement all three of the above options. A RAID system for business continuity, offsiteBackup-to-business securely protect all my data, and a fast recovery, a CD backup only allow my critical data, which will keep my business running.

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  1. A good plan for backup is backuping on a server. For my part, im using I backup my invoices, mailling list, pictures and videos. Its pretty useful. I dont have to worry if my computer busted. I can recover all my data easily and fast

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